Green Hotel

We come from Taiching city,
We are 
located between Chiayi train station and wenhua Rd. night market.

The most compact and comfortable hotel in Chiayi.
Travellers may enjoy the natural light and fresh air.
Window(s) is installed in every room to ensure the rooms are airy and bright.
Come visit Green Hotel and have a spirit nurturing trip!
Green Hotel
Enjoy together

Enjoy together

We create a quiet, bright and comfortable resting environment for travelers.
Precipitate the soul together, photosynthesis together,
Energetic to continue the next journey.

Chiayi 8 Scene

Take a trip to the old eight scenic spots of Chiayi
Follow the traces of history
Free exploration
Chiayi at this moment
What's different?

Chiayi 8 Scene
Cultural impression

Cultural impression

Local businesses integrated into the rooms
The connection between fun presentation and local culture
Rest after coming to Chiayi
Gradually familiar with this land

Caring service

◆ Free Wifi
◆ Left luggage
◆ Provide baby crib, baby bath, baby bottle sterilizer
◆ International universal socket
◆ Assist in calling
◆ Charter Tour
◆ Rental Locomotive Cooperating with Stores
◆ +1 map, electronic map

Caring service